Exterior Staging Brings Top Dollar at Commercial Complex

Staging your space for potential buyers can be the difference between receiving an offer and getting top dollar for your residential or commercial property. Recently we staged a commercial property previously built out to be a casual dining experience. In an attempt to appeal to a larger market of restaurant owners looking for a location in Henderson, it was determined that we would stage the patio for a more semi-service restaurant location.

Why Choose More Flexible Designs

When staging an exterior space, especially for a commercial property, you must first consider the potential market and what will appeal to them. As you can not be certain about the exact wants of every potential buyer choosing a flexible design that may transcend multiple markets you may appeal to a variety of buyers without excluding any specific ones. In the example of a commercial space previously built out for a casual dining experience the desire would be to appeal to every experience from casual to semi-casual to potentially fine dining.

How to Achieve Flexible Designs

Staging for a variety of styles can be tricky, but the key is to use elements that are neutral and able to be used for a wide variety of looks. In this instance a wood and iron combination fit well with the exterior of the building, and a pop of color ties it all together without being specific. The restaurateur touring this space would easily see these furnishing fitting their guests without being their personal style. In a glance the goal is accomplished to give an idea of a head count without driving the necessary theme.

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